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Friday, 29 October 2010

increasing blog traffic using backlink..

there's so much ways to increase your traffic blog. i told you one by using twitter. But, now i'll tell you how to make a lot viewers see your website by using backlink. this post give you information how to build a good quality of backlink so your post could be read on the top of search engine like google, yahoo or bing.
here is some tips about backlink to increase your blog traffic.

1. HUBPAGES. just sign in hubpages and write some post related to your post in your own website/blog. give your backlink there.

2.Squidoo. same like hubpages. here you can write some lens related to your post in your own website. you also can plant RSS feed so you can get one backlink from squidoo to your website/blog.

3. Social Bookmark. like after you post a topic, submit that to the social bookamrk sites. it helps you give backlink so your website/blog can be stand on top 10 in search engine and gain more traffic.

4. everlasting post. make the content of posts that will not expired. it means that the content could be done any time the viewers read. this is the most natural trick you could do.

5. backlink from .edu or .gov. the site with .edu and .gov make high quality backlink because the search engine often indexing from them. just seek the sites and leave the comment there.

ok, that's all i can tell you. if you got another tips how to increase the blog traffic, please tell me.
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  1. Terimakasih informasi yang sudah anda berikan.Semoga membantu temen-temen yang sedang membutuhkan informasi seperti ini.=D
    BTW, udah bergabung dengan program publisher dari Kalau belum,boleh dicoba bergabung. Gratis. Sudah ada 10.000+ publisher yang bergabung, lho. Daftar tanpa biaya, dan selalu dibayar tepat waktu. Silakan dicoba aja.Keteranganlengkap ada di websitenya, :)

  2. : makasih atas infonya..akan segera saya kunjungi..