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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Using twitter to make high traffic on your blog and twitter together..(part 2) you read the post, please follow me on my twitter by click this icon below..
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ok, i will continue about what i wrote 2 days ago about "using Twitter to make high traffic on your blog and twitter together" .
the last time i told you about how to generate the traffic using both your twitter and your blog/website by publish your post via twitter and tweet it.
now for the next suggestions from me is :

4. Tell them that you will follow they twitter if they follow you..
 everybody wants a huge number of  follower in their twitter, and everybody also wants to have a massive number visitor in their blog/website. the first thing is let they know you have twitter account and ask them to follow you and follow them back as your gratitude.
more you get the followers, it's easier to publish your website. and more secrets about monetize your twitter will be more easy too..

5. Join any reciprocal site to increase your folower
 some sites makes more easy to create a lot of follower on your twitter. try join in
the site provide service to help you grow the number of the follower. you share your twitter link there and wait until someone (actually not one) follow you. if they do, follow them back, or you will be unfollowed by them in the future. it's easy to find someone who does not follow you here. remember the important thing, more follower, more easy to publish your website/blog.

6. leave your identity everywhere.
yup, everywhere you go, leave your ID so you could be easier to be tracked. when you visit others website/blog,  leave the comment and write your twitter account link and your blog/website address.

that's all for tonight, don't forget to read how to monetize your twitter.
leave the comment, look around the products here and don't forget to follow me o twitter by clicking the bluebird image above.

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