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Friday, 22 October 2010

more chances in

these are tips i got from other site. hopefully useful for you who has made affliliate with
the owner of the site just got fired in 2009, but from affliliating with amazon he could make more money!! (more than USD 40,000)
check this out!

1. Use multiple Amazon tracking ID's
If you are using only one Amazon tracking ID for each website you're running, you're still making a huge mistake and this is a mistake I've seen perpetrated across a vast array of websites. You absolutely need to use multiple tracking ID's for every single website you run so that you know what is working and what isn't. Part of why I believe so strongly that this list will be a valuable resource for you is simply because of the fact that I used so many tracking codes during the course of 2009 that I was able to determine exactly what tactics pays out the best and what pays out the worst. In fact, I wouldn't feel comfortable writing an Amazon tips list without showing proof that my tips do in fact work. The tips I'm sharing may work better for me than they will for you which is precisely why you should not only try what I'm suggesting, but you should also test it with multiple tracking ID's too (Once inside your Amazon account you can create additional tracking ids here).

2. Bestseller Lists: 15% of total earnings
The bestseller list post has been one of the top posts I run on a monthly basis for almost all of my various blogs and forums. I simply write about the bestselling products within the niche of the blogs I run. I only do it once per month so it doesn't upset users looking for unique content. Bestseller lists are a form of social proof and they are incredibly strong at convincing people what to buy, which is precisely why Amazon uses them so extensively on their own website. People on the fence of a purchase decision use what others are buying to help make their decision. If you can't find a bestseller category for the niche your website is focused on, then it's time to expand your niche. See all bestseller list categories here and yes of course that is an Amazon affiliate link. You'll see several opportunities throughout this post to thank me for sharing my knowledge by purchasing something on through one of my links that you already planned on doing. Besides, I wouldn't be practicing what I teach if I didn't link to with several affiliate links while I'm discussing how to make more money with them right? This leads me onto my next point and most profitable tip.

3. Focus on in content affiliate linking: 45% of total earnings
The biggest chunk of money I earned was by linking to products inside the actual blog posts I was writing about. Say for example I was discussing a new product that was now available to pre-order. First I would link to it because it was available for pre-order with no mention of the price. Then I'd show an image and use an affiliate link for that (more on images in the later tips). Then after the image I'd share a few of the products specs but then use an affiliate link titled something like "see full specs" and then if there were other colors I'd link to each one of those individually. Finally, I would end the post with a statement to pre-order it and at what price it was available to purchase at. This is just an example of what I would do for a hot product that finally became available to pre-order, but as you can tell I've created several opportunities that have hopefully piqued the interest of a potential buyer to click the link and find out more about the product. By leaving out less information about the product in the first place it creates a feeling that the user should just click now to see more about the product rather than finish reading the article. If you get them onto Amazon's website then you're in a very good position because now you get a commission on ANY product that they purchase on the website - not just the one they clicked through on your website.

ok, i'll continue the tips soon..

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