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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Listen to Music : Monkey Majik

I often listen to Japan music (especially J-pop and J-rock). I like L'arc en ciel, Asian kung fu Generation, Flumpool and many more.And in the last holiday, my Brother told me a new Japan band (not 'new' actually, but we just knew this band lately). The Band's name is "Monkey Majik" (next I call it MM). MM was formed in Sendai, Japan (2002). The members is Blaise and Maynard Plant (Canadian) who performs Guitar and vocal, Tax as the drummer and DICKU as a bassist.
This Band often called as a "hybrid-band" because the members are from two different countries. Their song is awesome, because they mix Japanese and English. It's quite unique when i heard Japanese song sang by Canadian. They have a lot nice song and i fell in love in the first time i heard their song.
Commonly, J-pop or J-rock band use English word in their song as a "sweetener". Inversely, MM uses Japanese word as a "sweetener" instead of English. And their album (TIME:2008) reached the Second Rank in Oricon Chart (Music polling in Japan). This case never occured in foreigner Band in Japan.
My favorite song of them is "Fly". I feel so good everytime i hear this song. Now, I am searching for the latest album. Wish me Luck~

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