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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Listen to Music : L'arc~en~ Ciel

I started to listen J-Pop when I was in third year on senior high school. I knew the song from my school-mate. He gave me one song, "Jiyuu e no shoutai" by L'arc en Ciel. That's a good song. But I did not really interested at first.

But, next time i went to his house, he showed me the L'arc en Ciel's PV (promo video). The song's title is "Ready Steady Go". It was an awesome PV. I could not take my eyes from the video. I played the video several times and tried to look another PV of them. I got "Stay away". The PV is funny and the song is up-beat. I felt like dancing. Click here for more information about L' arc en ciel.
L'arc en Ciel (or Laruku, it means Rainbow in French) is the band which formed by Tetsu (Bass) in 1991. The first members are Tetsu (bass), Hyde (Vocal), Ken (guitar) and Sakura (drum). But in 1997, Sakura was out frm the band because he was arrested for illegal drug possession. The band got new drummer, Yukihiro. And the first time live concert in Tokyo Dome with the new member was a big successful, because the 56,000 tickets was sold out in FOUR minutes. They released an album in 2010 with title "my heart draws a dream" and single "Bless"..
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