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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Promote : My Lens in

I have told you about making article in squidoo, Squidoo is a site that alllow you to write anything you like, set your ads and add everything you want. Here some lens I made in Squidoo. Like or share it if you want.

1. Stepping on Animal Slippers
2. When Canadian meets Japanese
3. Listen to the Music : L'arc en ciel
4. Listen to the Music : Flumpool
5. Dredging and get Dredged
6. Our vacation
8. Indonesian Common dishes
9. Indonesian Traditional dishes

Or if you want to see another lens, click here. Want to join click here.


  1. Creating squidoo pages increase your page rank.i saw the page its nice..

  2. Thank you for coming. See my lenses also.