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Monday, 1 November 2010

Make your article in Squidoo

Do you like writing?
So many sites which provide service for you who likes writing and writing. I know a site that has a lot features, high quality article, and friendly. It is squidoo. 
It will not take a long time for registering. Just Sign up, fill your data, and you have your own page. (want to register? click this
Some more things you have to know :
1. Lens. This is what you call for your post. (read one of my lens)
2. Features. Fill your lenses with more feature to make them in a good rank.
3. Rank. oops, you can see the rank of your lens.
4. Squidu. This is how you find help to promote your forum or ask someone critique it.
5. Money. More interesting you have a lens, it's possibly have more chance to earn money.

Does it sound nice?. Try Squidoo now.
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